Aurélie shares with all chocolate lovers a delicious dessert

This month, you will not read a recipe from one of our campsites… but from me 😉 As February is the month of love, I thought it was my turn to share a recipe with you. So of course, as I’m greedy, it will be a chocolate fondant !!

This recipe is for all chocolate lovers.

For our recipe, I invite you to take the following ingredients : a bar of chocolate, 4 eggs , 150g of butter and 180g of sugar. Take also some heavy cream, some icing sugar and some vanilla extract… that’s for a special greedy supplement 😉

Like in all good dessert recipe, you begin by melting chocolate. Melt the butter as the same Think melt butter simultaneously. If you are greedy like me, put aside a few square for snacking 😉

Once you have finished your break, you will need 4 farm fresh eggs. I do not have chickens in my garden so « hop hop hop » I’ll go to see my neighbor…  & I have now some beautiful chicken eggs 😉

Put everything into a buttered pan. For cooking time, I would say between 15 and 20 minutes … say 17 minutes if you really need a figure !

Be careful : Once cooked, the chocolate fondant really melt in the mouth 😉

As I’ve said before, I’m really greedy… so on top of my dessert, I will add some home-made whipped cream. It is very easy and quick to do ! Take a whipping siphon and add your heavy cream with some icing sugar. The more you put icing sugar, the sweetest your whipped cream will be !! For those who like vanilla, you can add seeds of a vanilla pod into your whipping siphon.

Now drop the whipped cream on top of your fondant and bon appetite !!


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