The Bussat family invites you to discover RACLETTE evenings !

All the Bussat family from Camping Sites et Paysages La Colombière in Haute-Savoie has met up to let you share their Raclette receipe.

La famille Bussat vous invite à découvrir les soirées raclette !

Here it is an unmissable event as it is during these evenings that our father Jean likes to tell the story of our region and cheeses… A very special and unique evening where all guests will have a brilliant time sharing experiences !

For a great raclette, you will need :
– 250g to 300g of « Raclette » cheese per person if you have a standart raclette grill with individual dishes.

– Half a whole Raclette cheese for 8 to 10 persons with a traditional Raclette grill.
– A selection of local cold meats : Savoie ham, local saucisson (dried sausage), plain ham …
– 3/4 potatoes per person
– a few pickles

If you wish, you ca also have a salad with it !

Aurélie’s tip : Use waxy potatoes such as Amandines, Charlottes or Chéries so they do not break when cooked.

The nit is very easy :
1/ Wash the potatoes and boil them for 15 to 20 mn depending on their size.
2/ Plate up the cold meats and pickles on nice dishes.
3/ Cut you cheese the size of the dishes if you are using a Raclette grill with dishes if not just get it ready
4/ Get the salad ready, prepare a dressing and place on the table.
5/ Turn on your Raclette Grill 3 mn before starting to eat.
6/ Gather all your ingredients and place them on the table then just let your guests do the work 😉

With your Raclette, our tip is to drink a dry and fruity white wine or a red wine if you prefer. For those who do not drink alcohol, you may enjoy an infusion with it or herbal tea, but no plain water as it will make it very difficult to digest otherwise  (water and cheese making a ball in your stomach and which stops digestion) 😉

Bon appétit from Pierre, Laurence, Aurélie and Jean 😉


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